January 08, 2019

A Resolution Worth Keeping: Wear an SPF Every Single Day

image of daily face balm with SPF 18

We’re just a couple of days into 2019, and lots of people have already blown it on their New Year’s Resolutions. Why? Well, in part because lots of those resolutions are either too difficult to keep or not worth the effort. 

We have a suggestion for a resolution you can start today. Protect your skin with sunscreen on your face every single day.

Talk to any dermatologist and you'll be sure to get an ear full on the benefits of wearing a daily SPF. 

But, if you talk to lots of men, they'll tell you there have been plenty of downsides to face lotion with sun protection.

Before creating our own, nearly every face lotion with SPF let us down in at least one of the following ways: 

  • They smelled like someone's grandma or worse, like melted plastic.
  • The heavy formulas went on white and left you looking like a ghost of yourself.
  • They stung when you applied them directly after shaving.
  • They made your skin look and feel greasy and shiny. 

We knew we could make something better. We spent more than two years researching and developing a formula that would make protecting your skin a pleasure rather than a necessary annoyance. 

The new Fulton & Roark Daily Moisturizer with SPF 18: 

  • features a lightweight formula that quickly absorbs into your skin, without a shiny look.
  • is formulated with nutrient-rich botanicals to nourish your skin. In fact, ingredient number one is Aloe. 
  • is highly concentrated. One pump covers your entire face. 
  • smells light and refreshing.
  • feels cool and soothing on your skin immediately after shaving.
  • Provides SPF 18 protection to keep your face looking good and healthy for the long haul.

Now that we've made the ultimate daily face moisturizer, we hope you'll resolve to use it—every single day. 



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