October 27, 2016

F&R Shave Cream earns the GQ 2016 Grooming Award

GQ November 2016 cover and Fulton & Roark Best Shave Cream feature page

According to GQ, “the secret to shaving” is not the razor, but in using really good shave cream. And, as far as the grooming gurus at GQ are concerned, Fulton & Roark’s highly concentrated shave cream is the best product around for making men's shaving rituals a smooth, irritation-free and altogether enjoyable experience.

You can read the full GQ article here.

Our blend of avocado, tea tree and jojoba oils help combat razor burn while locking in moisture. And the thick, no-foam cream stays put to both reduce razor drag and simplify your process. 

So whether you use an old-fashioned straight razor, a safety razor or the latest 47-blade cartridge that looks more like a sports car than a shaving device, we have the perfect shave cream for you.  

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Get FREE USPS SHIPPING with your order of $25+