July 13, 2013


282 East 4th StreetWinston-Salem, NC 336.917.9446

Not surprisingly, men’s stores have personalities as distinct and varied as men themselves. Some seem reminiscent of a good businessman – quiet but smart and professional, with everything perfectly in place. Others seem like a jerk bartender – more a monument to all things cool than an actual store. The type of place where you get the sense you’ll be asked to rattle off the indie bands you’re into before being allowed to try on a pair of pants.

But then there are men’s stores like Centennial Trading Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Run by Johnny Smrdel and Erik Stephens, this store – appropriately – wears its passion on its shirtsleeve. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just want a great pair of well-made jeans that you won’t have to replace for years, Erik and Johnny are always ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for – and their enthusiasm is contagious. Ask them where a shirt is made, how the stitching on one pair of jeans compares to another, or what type of metal a hair comb is made of and they can both answer your questions and – more importantly – explain why it matters. Of course, if you just want to pop in to see what’s going on in their 4th Street neighborhood, they’ll be happy to fill you in on that, too.

Centennial’s passion for its customers, its merchandise, and its community is what makes Fulton & Roark so excited to call them a retail partner.


Get FREE USPS SHIPPING with your order of $25+

Get FREE USPS SHIPPING with your order of $25+