February 07, 2018

Just being the best men’s face wash wasn’t good enough

Fulton & Roark Face Wash on sink counter in front of F&R Bar Soap

When we launched our face wash a few years ago, we felt confident that we had made the very best product of its kind on the market.  Our skin-balancing formula powers through the dirt, oil, pollution and sweat residue that accumulates on a guy’s skin throughout the day—and it does it without over-drying his skin.  The fragrance, comprised of natural essential oils makes the ritual of washing a little more pleasurable. Plus, the blend of nutrients from vitamins and plant extracts leaves the skin soft and pliable, which is essential for getting the perfect shave.

A lot of companies would have thought that was good enough. Once you have developed a simple, one-step face cleansing process with great results for guys, why mess with it?

Well, for Fulton & Roark, we still thought we could do better. Like every good grooming company, all of our products have always complied with all FDA regulations and guidelines. However, we decided to raise the bar on our standards.

Outside of the FDA, there are other governmental and industry organizations that have higher standards in terms of ingredients, manufacturing processes and the environmental impact of products. And, from our perspective, IFRA, the International Fragrance Association is the best example of an organization going above and beyond to set guidelines that not only ensure the safety and integrity of product ingredients for users but also that companies like Fulton and Roark create formulas in the most sustainable way possible.

We chose to take on IFRA’s guidelines as our own, which meant making some adjustments to our face wash formula to ensure all our ingredients were produced in a manner that was environmentally friendly. And, just to make the wash even better, we added Vitamin E to further protect your skin.  Our updated face wash cleans and nourishes your skin better than ever, plus you have the confidence of knowing that it’s made in the most responsible manner possible. With the new and improved formula, the only thing cleaner than your face will be your conscience.



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BLACK FRIDAY: Spend $75, Save 15% | Spend $150, Save 20% | Spend $250, Save 25%. Use code HOLIDAY.


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