March 12, 2019

What's in this stuff? A closer look at our daily moisturizer.


Image of Fulton & Roark Daily Moisturizer with SPF18beside aloe slices

When it comes to taking good care of your skin, using products with skin-safe, environmentally-friendly and effective ingredients is always important. But using products that conform to the highest standards of quality and safety is even more important when it comes to a product like a Daily Moisturizer. Why? Because unlike a face wash or shave cream, which quickly rinses off after use, a moisturizer is designed to sit on your skin all day. Consequently, it's a big deal that the ingredients that are in contact with your skin all day and every day be good for you. 

Lucky for you, we have you more than covered. In our series. "What's in This Stuff?" we cover the ingredients of each of our products—what they are, what they do, and why we use them.

Below is the list of our Daily Moisturizer with SPF 18 ingredients, along with a brief explanation of their role in the formula:


  • ZINC OXIDE 6.51%: made from zinc, a type of metallic element found in nature. It is one of the safest ingredients for protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunscreens containing zinc oxide filter out UV rays, keeping them from penetrating the skin and causing cell damage. There are several other benefits of zinc oxide such as helping to lower skin inflammation, improving wound healing, preventing bacterial infections and keeping moisture locked into dry skin.


  • ETHYLHEXYL METHOXYCINNAMATE (OCTINOXATE) 5%: this sunblock ingredient protects the skin, primarily against UVB rays and provides some UVA protection



  • ALOE BARBADENSIS (ALOE VERA) LEAF JUICE: a plant extract that has soothing properties, antioxidant qualities, and serves as a hydrating agent for skin.
  • AQUA (WATER): we bet you know what this is.


  • DICAPRYLYL CARBONATE: a solid fat that can be derived from vegetable, synthetic or animal sources. Dicaprylyl Carbonate is an emollient. It spreads easily and makes skin feel soft to the touch without leaving any oily residue. In addition, it helps other ingredients penetrate the skin better


  • CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE: a mixed ester derived from coconut oil and glycerin. It comes in the form of an oily liquid. Caprylic mainly works as an emollient, dispersing agent and solvent. Caprylic/capric triglyceride creates a barrier on the skin's surface, which helps to reduce skin dryness by decreasing the loss of moisture.


  • POLYGLYCERYL-2-STEARATE: an Ester of stearic acid and diglycerin Polyglyceryl-2 stearate and is used as an emulsifier to help provide stability to our formula.


  • GLYCERYL STEARATE: a lipid used as a surfactant and emulsifying agent that is used to lift and remove dirt. It also helps to stabilize other ingredients in the formulation and keeps them from separating


  • DIMETHICONE: a silicone-based polymer that works as an anti-foaming agent, skin protectant and skin & hair conditioner. It prevents water loss by forming a hydrating barrier on the skin. When applied to the skin, it is known for creating a subtle gloss that feels smooth and silky. It also acts a mild water repellent by forming a protective barrier on the skin.


  • STEARYL ALCOHOL: a naturally fatty alcohol derived from stearic acid, coconut oil or vegetable fatty acids, and is used to soothe and soften as a conditioning agent and as an emulsifier. It is often found as an emollient in creams and lotions for the skin. It can also be used to thicken formulas, adding body and viscosity.


  • ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN: A natural preservative used as an alternative to parabens. Derived from glycerin


  • PROPANEDIOL: A glycol that can enhance the absorption of ingredients into the skin. Propanediol is derived from corn. It has hydrating properties that may leave a smooth, dewy finish.


  • XANTHAN GUM: a polysaccharide, a sugar-based polymer produced by bacteria; it is used as a viscosity agent in personal care products and foods


  • FRAGRANCE: it’s what makes Fulton & Roark the best-smelling grooming products on the planet.


  • YERBA MATE ABSOLUTE: The leaf extract of yerba mate has skin conditioning properties, antioxidants and a soothing fragrance.


  • JOJOBA ESTHERS: Derived from the jojoba bean, this ultra-moisturizing ingredient leaves skin and hair hydrated. It contains Vitamins A, D & E which helps to nourish hair and skin.


  • HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SEED WAX: a wax obtained from the seed of the sunflower, Helianthus Annuus


  • ACACIA DECURRENS FLOWER WAX: a wax obtained from the Acacia Decurrens flower


  • POLYGLYCERIN-3: a glycerin polymer containing 3 glycerin units. Acts as a skin moisturizer/ humectant


  • POLYHYDROXYSTEARIC ACID: a suspending agent and emulsifier that is used to stabilize our formulation


  • POLYGLYCERYL-3 POLYRICINOLEATE: an emulsifier produced from ricinoleic acid and glycerol is used to help stabilize our formulation. It is skin-friendly and does not cause skin irritation.


  • SODIUM HYALURONATE: this a chemical is also produced naturally by your body, and is also called hyaluronic acid. This ingredient keeps collagen synthesis up, as well as promotes the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid gives skin volume by holding onto water, particularly as levels decline with age.


  • CITRIC ACID: an alpha-hydroxy acid, citric acid is used in formulations to adjust the acidity of the product.


  • ISOSTEARIC ACID: a fatty acid most often used as a binder in skin and beauty products, although it is also seen in products as a surfactant and emulsifier. It is used to thicken most formulas as a binder and emulsifier


  • LECITHIN: a Phospholipid found in egg yolks and plants. Widely used in cosmetics as an emollient and water-binding agent. Lecithin also has skin-restoring abilities.


  • CAFFEINE: an organic compound that provides antioxidant protection from free radicals. Caffeine also aids the skin in the absorption of other active ingredients.


  • PHENOXYETHANOL: functions as a disinfectant or antibiotic to help preserve our formula


  • GLUCONOLACTONE: this antioxidant polyhydroxy acid (PHA) helps scavenge free radicals, thereby protecting skin from some of the damaging effects of UV radiation. It offers all the benefits of AHAs but it is gentle to the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. It also helps to soften and soothe dry skin and replenish moisture loss.


  • GLYCERIN: A natural compound found in vegetable and animal fats. Glycerin is a humectant. It works to moisturize the skin by attracting water from the air to the skin. It also forms a protective layer on the skin, keeping moisture from leaving the skin.


  • COFFEA ARABICA (COFFEE) SEED EXTRACT: a concentrated oil derived from the coffee bean plant. When used in a topical application it can help restore skin and contribute to a healthier, smoother look and feel. This non-fragrant plant oil also appears to stimulate pathways in skin that lead to greater moisture retention.


  • SODIUM HYDROXIDE: a strong basic ingredient which serves to adjust the pH of our formula.


  • TOCOPHERYL ACETATE: a form of Vitamin E, Tocopherol is a natural anti-oxidant and skin-conditioner. It contains anti-aging, moisturizing, and antioxidant properties.  Helps block the skin from free radicals which can help to prevent fine lines.


  • CHAMOMILLA RECUTITA (MATRICARIA) FLOWER (CHAMOMILE) EXTRACT: Chamomile posses many powerful skin properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and contains essential oils and antioxidants. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic and helps to reduce skin irritants


  • CALENDULA OFFICINALIS (CALENDULA) FLOWER EXTRACT: Calendula oil is a natural oil extracted from marigold flowers. It's mainly used in the form of an oil extract as a skin conditioning agent, anti-inflammatory, wound healing agent and fragrance additive. The flavonoids and saponins contained in extracts of the plant have been shown to not only promote skin healing and repair but also significantly reduce inflammations


  • SODIUM BENZOATE: A mild preservative that prevents the growth of harmful mold and bacteria in products that contain water


  • DISODIUM EDTA: a chelating agent used to sequester and decrease the reactivity of metal ions that may be present in a product


  • RETINYL PALMITATE (VITAMIN A PALMITATE): the ester of retinol (vitamin A) combined with palmitic acid, a saturated fatty acid and a major component of palm oil. This ingredient is converted to retinol and then converted to the active component of retinoic acid once it is absorbed by the skin after being topically applied. These tiny molecules can penetrate the outer layers of the skin and work to repair the lower layers where collagen and elastin reside, helping with wrinkle reduction and smoothing out skin texture.


  • MAGNESIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE: a water-soluble, non-irritating, stable derivative of Vitamin C. It has the same potential as vitamin C to boost skin collagen synthesis. This type of vitamin C is known to be both water-stable and oxygen stable, therefore better suited against oxidation and degradation of the active ingredients


  • CHONDRUS CRISPUS (CARRAGEENAN) EXTRACT: an extract of Irish Moss, which is a form of Red Seaweed, it acts as a skin-conditioning agent and helps emulsify or thicken a formulation. Due to it being a seaweed extract it is packed full of vitamins and minerals. This ingredient also helps protect against UV rays. Making it especially useful in sunscreens.

There you have it, all the ingredients that go into the best Daily Moisturizer a guy can get his hands on. Want to learn more about our process of creating it? You can read about that here. Ready to try it out for yourself? Shop Now. 

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