Shower Better

2-1 SHAMPOO + BODY WASH: Formulated with Rosemary, B5, and Caffeine. | 8.8 fl oz/ 260 ml OR 33.8 fl oz/ 1000 ml

CONDITIONER:  Formulated with Argan Oil, Vitamin E, and Biotin. | 8.8 fl oz/ 260 ml

FACE WASH: Formulated with Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Eucalyptus, and Green Tea Extract. | 8.8 fl oz/ 260 ml


A good shower is about more than getting your hair and body clean. Use those few quiet minutes to their full potential and you can seriously refresh your mind too.

Our Shower Better Kit comes with everything you need to do both.

Start with our 2-in-1 Shampoo + Body Wash. The combination formula is designed to cleanse away sweat, dirt, and product from your hair and skin without overdrying, and the fortifying blend of vitamins, essential oils, and caffeine helps energize and strengthen your hair and skin.

Next, use our nutrient-rich Conditioner to keep your hair healthy, smooth, and looking its best.

Loaded with Vitamin E, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, and Rosemary extract, our Conditioner will rinse away to help build stronger, thicker, and more manageable hair.

Finish your shower ritual with our Daily Face Wash, designed to deep-clean your pores, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and healthy.


2-1 Shampoo + Body Wash
Face Wash

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Get FREE USPS SHIPPING with your order of $25+