A fresh and woody blend of Atlas Cedar and Sea Air

.2oz Solid Cologne


On the coast of Oregon, 800 feet above the crashing ocean waves below, is the peak of Cape Perpetua. Though heavily forested with enormous evergreens, openings provide miles-long views of the ocean and its jagged coast. While the beauty of Perpetua’s forest would be noteworthy on its own, the fact that it is surrounded by the sea makes it truly spectacular.

Like its namesake, our Perpetua fragrance is noteworthy for the way two elements so unexpectedly intersect.

The cologne opens with a deep blend of Cedarwood and Mahogany, which is offset with clean and bright notes of neroli, bergamot, jasmine and amber. The result is a fresh and inviting fragrance that is somehow also sturdy and complex.

Ritual Timing

Daily users: 4 months
Regular users: 7 months

  • Mineral Oil USP
  • Ceresin Wax
  • Coconut Oil
  • Fragrance
  • Perfumers Alcohol
  • Cetyl Alcohol
  • Petrolatum USP

Solid Cologne

Each Fulton & Roark fragrance is designed to evoke a vivid feeling, and a sense of atmosphere and occasion. Using a blend of naturally sourced essential oils and premium fragrance ingredients, each cologne offers its own experience.

These highly concentrated solid colognes offer a long-lasting and steady fragrance designed to keep you fresh. More subtle than their liquid counterparts, F&R’s solids provide a personal fragrance--for those who are close to you, but not the whole office.

The solid metal containers travel easily in a gym bag, pocket or carry-on, allowing a man to smell his best no matter where he goes.

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Brent M.
United States

another spectacular scent

along with Sterling, Perpetua is now a permanent fixture in my prep and dress rituals. I battle to choose between the two every day. Perpetua is very unique. Masculine and strong (in personality, not overpowering in scent). a different edge than Sterling but in no way less confident.

Ryan H.
United States

I will never get tired of this!

The scent is amazing! I wasn’t sure at first if it was my style but it had really grown on me. And the snap on holder is amazing!!!

samuel h.
United States

A Limited Reserve that should probably stay Limited

Generally speaking, I find that F&R can do no wrong. High quality products that treat your skin / hair right with excellent scents. Perpetua misses on the last characteristic and it's the one that matters the most. Upon opening it my girlfriend said, "It smells like something from a magazine when you open those cologne pages." It does smell like it was created in a lab to be sprayed on. It doesn't smell "bad," but I think it falls short of other F&R options. There's a burnt, musky smell mixing with a sweet, kind of fruity scent (the amber and jasmine maybe?) and it's not a mix I care for. It does last a long time, so if it's a scent you end up liking you shouldn't need to re-apply it frequently. I think the worst thing about it, I smelled the shirt I wore a couple days later prior to putting it in the wash, and Perpetua had calmed down into something woody and pleasant. This tells me that it has promise, yet the wrong scents are being emphasized. It reminded me vaguely of my home in Oregon, surrounded by forests. Maybe I'll take to aging it and see what it's like in six months from now. That seems properly Oregonian, doesn't it?


5 stars

All i have to say is you guys nailed it out of the park on this one! My wife absolutely loves this scent on me. I find it very pleaseant amd can still smell it at the end of the day. I am definitely buying this again amd i hope it makes it to the regular line. Nice Refreshing clean scent. Thanks F&R!!!

United States

Just right

I be been toying with the idea f solid cologne for a few months now, so I finally went ahead with the Perpetua scent. It’s perfect for what I wanted- Light scent, and doesn’t have the musky smell that many other colognes do. This is more of a “fresh out of the shower” scent. In a way, it smells like opening a fresh box of soap or like lathering up in the shower. If you’re looking for a fresh, clean smelling scent, this is a great choice. After using this one, I’ll definitely e checking out some of the other available options.