Perpetua Bundle

PERPETUA SOLID FRAGRANCE: .2oz of a fresh wood-forward fragrance featuring atlas cedar and sea air

PERPETUA BAR SOAP: 8.8oz bar of gently-exfoliating triple-milled bar soap and scented with our signature Perpetua fragrance

Perpetua Bundle

The perfect set for every Perpetua fan. This set combines a full-sized container of Perpetua solid fragrance along with a bar of our Perpetua-scented bar soap.

Like our original Bar Soap, the Perpetua Bar Soap is more than half a pound of tripled-milled, gently-exfoliating, high-foaming, long-lasting excellence. But of course, this bar smells like your favorite fragrance.

Combining the use of Perpetua Solid Fragrance with the Bar Soap allows users to layer the scent, for a bolder and more atmospheric effect.

Perpetua Solid Fragrance
Perpetua Bar Soap

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