Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge is our "love song" to Sandalwood. We made the legendary fragrance ingredient the centerpiece of this scent and added complementary elements to accentuate its timeless appeal. The resulting warm and woody fragrance is accented with top notes of fresh Sage and smooth Amber to create a fragrance that is both familiar and intriguing.

Top Notes

Citron & White Musk

Mid Notes

Sage & Jasmine

Base Notes

Sandalwood & Amber

Discover Blue Ridge

Extrait de Parfum Preorder $205.00
Sandalwood, Sage, Amber
Solid Fragrance
Sandalwood, Sage, Amber
Sandalwood, Sage, Amber
Bar Soap
Sandalwood, Sage, Amber
Formula 5 Oil
Solid Fragrance Refill
Deodorant Refill
Deodorant, Bar Soap, Solid Fragrance
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Our Inspiration

Blue Ridge gets its name from one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Running from Georgia to Pennsylvania, the Blue Ridge mountains may not be tall or rocky, but they are stunning thanks to the beautiful forest that covers the countless peaks. The dense trees are responsible for giving the mountains their unique blue fog that stretches far beyond what the eye can see.

Like the mountains, Blue Ridge is most striking not because of a single element, but rather the confluence of each of the fragrances combined. The result is an unforgettable fragrance that you will likely want to make your signature scent.

Our first-ever Extrait de Parfum is now available for preorder!

Our first-ever Extrait de Parfum is now available for preorder!