Our homage to Mahana is a celebration of fresh air, verdant hills, and driftwood. With notes of Pomelo, Coriander, and fresh green leaves, Mahana is clean, light, and remarkably approachable. Perhaps our freshest fragrance to date, the fragrance feels crisp and pure, like a cool breeze on even the warmest of days.

Top Notes

Pomelo & White Musk

Mid Notes

Coriander & Birch Leaf

Base Notes


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Pomelo, Coriander, Green Leaves
Mahana $60.00
Pomelo, Coriander, Green Leaves
Mahana Deodorant $25.00
Pomelo, Coriander, Green Leaves
Mahana Bar Soap $20.00
Pomelo, Coriander, Green Leaves
Mahana Formula 5 Oil $55.00
Pomelo, Coriander, Green Leaves
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Solid Fragrance Refill $55.00
Deodorant Refill $19.00
Deodorant, Bar Soap, Solid Fragrance
The Essentials $95.00 $105.00
Deodorant, Bar Soap, Formula 5 Oil
The Upgrade $90.00 $100.00
Solid Fragrance, Formula 5 Oil, Deodorant, Bar Soap
Total Package $145.00 $160.00

Our Inspiration

Mahana is inspired by the hike to Papakolea, a green sand beach near the southernmost point of the Big Island of Hawaii. Getting to the beach isn’t easy. It starts with a long drive through increasingly rugged roads until eventually, the road runs out and your hike begins. This is private land that the owner is willing to share with the public, but that means it doesn’t feel anything like a walk through a park. It’s an unmarked path with no clear trail to follow, and there are no rangers to guide you along. Instead, you let the coastline guide you, wandering through scene after scene of astonishing views. Eventually, it seems almost like Papakolea finds you, beckoning from above with its stony cliffs and sparkling sapphire waters.

It’s only as you get close that you notice the most unusual element of this faraway beach—the rich green sand. While the color of the beach is striking, it is the feeling of being completely removed from the rest of the world and surrounded by fresh air and natural beauty that makes Papakolea one of the most remarkable places we have ever visited.

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