Solid Fragrances

Highly-concentrated, wax-based fragrances that are long-lasting and steady wearing.

Solid Fragrance Sample Pack $20.00
Balsam Fir, Elemi, Oakmoss
Ltd Reserve #11: Ramble $60.00
Brazilian Pepper, Cedarwood, Magnolia
Palmetto $52.00
Sandalwood, Sage, Amber
Blue Ridge $52.00
Coastal, Fresh, Cedar
Kiawah $60.00
Pomelo, Coriander, Green Leaves
Mahana $60.00
Atlas Cedar, Neroli, Amber
Perpetua $60.00
Tobacco, Leather, Vanilla
Sterling $60.00
Classic, Green, Spice
Hatteras $52.00
Madagascan Geranium, Oakmoss
Clearwater $52.00
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