Devil's Garden

Devil’s Garden combines the intriguing scent of Incense, the smoky and earthy notes of Haitian Vetiver Root, and the warm and aromatic essence of Cardamom. Crisp notes of Juniper Berry and the leathery scent of Styrax add depth and complexity to the mélange. The resulting fragrance evokes the call of the high desert air and the silent mystery of the massive rock formations.

Top Notes

Incense, Juniper Berry & Cardamom

Mid Notes

Styrax & Labdanum

Base Notes

Vetiver Root & Patchouli

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Incense, Vetiver, Cardamom
Devil's Garden $60.00
Incense, Vetiver, Cardamom
Devil's Garden Deodorant $25.00
Incense, Vetiver, Cardamom
Devil's Garden Bar Soap $20.00
Incense, Vetiver, Cardamom
Devil's Garden Formula 5 Oil $55.00
Deodorant Refill $19.00
Solid Fragrance Refill $55.00
Deodorant, Bar Soap, Solid Fragrance
The Essentials $95.00 $105.00
Deodorant, Bar Soap, Formula 5 Oil
The Upgrade $90.00 $100.00
Solid Fragrance, Formula 5 Oil, Deodorant, Bar Soap
Total Package $145.00 $160.00

Our Inspiration

Amidst the more than one and a half million acres of protected wildlands in Southern Utah, lies Devil’s Garden. Getting there is as easy as following the road through Arches National Park. When the road runs out, it’s time to start climbing. The start of the trail proves easy enough, with beautiful views of the high desert. Before long, however, the smooth trail gives way to rough terrain that requires agility and focus to scramble over, under, and through the jagged rock formations with fearsome drops on either side.

While Devil’s Garden is technically a trail, it is one that requires one to make their own way through the beautiful sandstone fins and arches. That challenging, but breathtaking climb through the beautiful Utah desert is the inspiration for our latest Limited Reserve fragrance.

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