January 08, 2019

A Resolution Worth Keeping: Wear an SPF Every Single Day

image of daily face balm with SPF 18

We’re just a couple of days into 2019, and lots of people have already blown it on their New Year’s Resolutions. Why? Well, in part because lots of those resolutions are either too difficult to keep or not worth the effort. 

We have a suggestion for a resolution you can start today. Protect your skin with sunscreen on your face every single day.

Talk to any dermatologist and you'll be sure to get an ear full on the benefits of wearing a daily SPF. 

But, if you talk to lots of men, they'll tell you there have been plenty of downsides to face lotion with sun protection.

Before creating our own, nearly every face lotion with SPF let us down in at least one of the following ways: 

  • They smelled like someone's grandma or worse, like melted plastic.
  • The heavy formulas went on white and left you looking like a ghost of yourself.
  • They stung when you applied them directly after shaving.
  • They made your skin look and feel greasy and shiny. 

We knew we could make something better. We spent more than two years researching and developing a formula that would make protecting your skin a pleasure rather than a necessary annoyance. 

The new Fulton & Roark Daily Moisturizer with SPF 18: 

  • features a lightweight formula that quickly absorbs into your skin, without a shiny look.
  • is formulated with nutrient-rich botanicals to nourish your skin. In fact, ingredient number one is Aloe. 
  • is highly concentrated. One pump covers your entire face. 
  • smells light and refreshing.
  • feels cool and soothing on your skin immediately after shaving.
  • Provides SPF 18 protection to keep your face looking good and healthy for the long haul.

Now that we've made the ultimate daily face moisturizer, we hope you'll resolve to use it—every single day. 


December 12, 2018

How To Apply Solid Cologne

When designing our  Solid Cologne, we put an emphasis on making every facet of its design a pleasure to use. However, using it properly may not be self-evident

Whether you’re new to our solid colognes, or even if you’re an old pro who just wants a little reassurance, here is our comprehensive guide to using solid cologne.

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October 02, 2018


When we started Fulton & Roark, we began with a clear mission: To identify the best and worst elements for a man of getting groomed and ready, and to create new products that kept all of the good while eliminating or at least minimizing the downsides. The first product we began with was cologne because, in our minds, it was the area of grooming that was in the most desperate need of improvement.

We live in an age of carry-on luggage and TSA security lines, of fitness-minded men who get ready every morning in their gyms' locker rooms, of tightly-scheduled professionals who go straight from the office to their evening outings without time to stop by their place to freshen up. This is no longer the era for big and fragile glass spray bottles full of flammable liquid.

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September 16, 2018


Rather than offer a bottle of aftershave, we decided to create individually packaged towelettes, each loaded with just the right amount of aftershave for a single use. Individually packaging the towelettes made them much easier for traveling. If you're leaving town for a couple days, you can just grab a couple, rather than packing an entire package. The towelette also helps to better remove excess oil and leftover shave cream residue than a splash on its own.

In short, our Aftershave Cloths perform better than anything else we have ever used, all while making your processes a little easier in the process. 

Check out the ingredients below to learn what's in our formula, and why it matters.

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September 06, 2018


When we set out to create our shave cream, we tried to start with almost no assumptions about what a shave cream should be. Instead, we began with a question, "What are the problems that come with shaving, and how could a product fix them?" 

After lots of research, and one-on-one interviews, we landed on this: Friction is the problem. And a great shave cream first and foremost should help drastically reduce razor drag. 

And, after countless hours and rounds of testing, we finally landed on a product that we think is about as good as they come. 

Check out the ingredients list below to learn not only what's in our Shave Cream, but why. 

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August 30, 2018


We don't need to tell you that your face is a big deal. It's the only one you've got. And, we have already told you why you need a face wash. So, we'll get right down to the details. Because in addition to using a face wash, you want one that you can feel good about. But going the "all-natural" route is far from a sure thing. 

Meanwhile, there are some ingredients that sound like they belong in a Chemistry textbook that are fantastic for that face of yours. Below is a list of everything contained in our Face Wash, along with an explanation of what it is, and why we use it.

We think you'll like what you see. 

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August 23, 2018


When we set out to create the best bar soap, we had several big goals in mind.

First, we wanted a soap that left your skin feeling healthy and clean. Second, we wanted a bar that was a pleasure to use. That meant, it needed to smell great, it needed to create a great lather (whether you were using a washcloth or not,) and it needed to last a long time. 

Finally, we wanted to make a soap made of ingredients that we felt good about. They had to be safe, good for your skin, and responsibly produced. Below is a list of the ingredients and an explanation of what function they provide. We think you’ll like what you see.

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June 29, 2018

Know Your Ingredients: Tea Tree

 Tea Tree oil is inarguably one of the most useful essential oils around. It also has one of the most confusing names in all of the English language. 

Also known as the Narrow-leaved Paperbark, the Tea Tree is a small tree native to Australia, with the scientific name, Melaleuca Alternifolia.

Here's the tricky part. The Melaleuca Alternifolia is not at all related to the tree,  Camellia Sinensis, which produces the five main types of tea that we drink

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June 25, 2018

Know Your Ingredients: Eucalyptus

If you're a fan of our 2-1 Shampoo + Body Wash or our Bar Soap, you're likely already a fan of Eucalyptus, whether you know it or not. The earthy, sharp, and slightly minty scent of Eucalyptus is a large part of what gives our wash products their invigorating fragrance. But Eucalyptus also does more than just smell good. View full article →
June 11, 2018

The Dads of Fulton & Roark

Lucky for us, lots of the Fulton & Roark team grew up with great dads to help us learn by example what makes a good man. As we approach Father's Day, we thought it seemed like a good time to highlight the guys who helped teach us what a good (and handsome) man looks like:  View full article →
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