November 16, 2017

Inside the Fragrance: Sandalwood

You’ve probably heard of sandalwood, but do you really know what it is? Sandalwood, the star scent of our  Shackleford Solid Cologne, is an essential oil derived from the dense, yellow wood of the sandalwood tree. View full article →
September 22, 2017

Why GQ Recommends our Aftershave Cloths for preventing breakouts

GQ Magazine Logo

Normally, we wouldn't recommend taking advice on preventing acne from a 60-year-old. But, when that 60-year-old is GQ Magazine, we would advise you to listen up. 

This week, GQ published an article, "How to Prevent Acne Without Seeing a Dermatologist."  Tip number one? Keep your face clean, even on the go with Fulton & Roark's Aftershave Cloths. 

The travel-friendly cloths are the perfect solution for anytime you wish you could wash your face while on-the-go. The cleansing and toning formula not only leaves your skin feeling great after a shave, but it also removes dirt and oil from your skin following a workout, a long flight, or a hard day at the office. 

Want to give them a try? Get both our shave cream and cleansing aftershave cloths for less with our Shave Better Set.  

September 18, 2017

Why You Need Face Wash

If you’re reading this, you probably already care more than the Average Joe about how you look and smell. And for that, we congratulate you.

However, one thing we’ve noticed is there are still not enough guys using daily face wash. Sure, many of you are washing your faces every day with awesome products like the Fulton & Roark Bar Soap, but that’s just not cutting it. Odds are, you’re over-exfoliating and drying out your skin.

Fulton & Roark Face Wash in use

Don’t believe us on the power of face wash? Read the facts:

The Proper Face Wash Won’t Disturb Your Face’s pH Level

You probably enjoy washing your face with bar soap because it’s awesome at ridding your skin of all oils. However, bar soap is not formulated for everyday use on the delicate skin of your face. The soap strips your face of all its natural oils -- both the good and the bad -- eventually causing your skin to work overtime to renourish itself. This leaves you even greasier at the end of the day. Face wash breaks this endless cycle because it works to keep your skin at its happy pH level, controlling the oil in the process.

A Gentle Cleanser Will Not Damage Your Skin

While exfoliation is a necessary step in your grooming routine, it can easily be overdone. We know you love using the F&R Bar Soap as a face wash for the manly scrub feeling. However, if used daily (and aggressively), it can cause micro-scrapes on your skin. You wouldn’t want scrapes on your car, so why let them happen on your face? Tone back the facial exfoliate to one to three times per week and use a gentle face wash without an exfoliate to get a refreshing cleanse without the risk of damage.

A Good Face Wash is Packed Full of Benefits

Yes, there’s a lot of good stuff (for your body) in our bar soap, but we specifically developed a daily facial cleanser filled to the brim with skin-boosting ingredients. Tea Tree Oil fights razor burn and improves your complexion. Green Tea Extract and Lemon Verbena also improve your complexion while stimulating hair growth and fighting signs of aging. Eucalyptus is known its anti-inflammatory and antifungal benefits.

Now you see? Face wash is a must.

If you haven’t already added the Fulton & Roark Face Wash to your daily routine, we suggest testing the power of the proper face wash now.

September 15, 2017

Track Hack: Airplane Bottles in the Carry-On

Traveling today? Don't wait until the plane lands to start your weekend. The Federal Aviation Administration allows for airplane bottles to be part of your carry-on collection. Just make sure they fit in a quart sized zip-top bag.

For cocktail inspiration, check out Hipmunk's airplane friendly drink guide.


September 07, 2017

Meet the man behind our ampersand

Happy Ampersand Day! (To be honest, we're just as surprised as you probably are that there is such a thing.) An ampersand is such an insignificant thing that it hardly seems worth celebrating. That’s what we love about it.

At Fulton & Roark, we obsess about the little things. We spend an absurd amount of time on details like identifying the optimum amount of shave cream to best eliminate razor friction, researching the average amount of space in a man’s dopp kit, and working through the perfect combination of exfoliating ingredients for our bar soap. The truth is, even our very best customers aren’t likely to notice the minutiae that set our products apart, but we know some of you will. For me, focusing on the intricacies and working to get them just right is the best part of working on Fulton & Roark, even if no one notices but us. It's our belief that all of those little things add up to make Fulton & Roark a favorite for our customers.


When it comes to the aesthetic of our overall look, there’s one man who's behind  more of the little details than anyone else. José Reyes, the creative director of Metaleap Creative is responsible not only for the design of our ampersand, but also for the look and feel of much of our packaging.  I asked José how he decided on the specific ampersand that makes Fulton and Roark, “Fulton & Roark,” and this is what he said:

Grooming products a man can trust are the bedrock of Fulton & Roark’s brand. The way we achieved that visually with the brand mark was to look back to Lucian Bernhard’s 1937 typeface masterpiece, Bernhard Modern. Bernhard Modern looks like Fleet Foxes sounds: poetic, timeless, silvery. We took the italic ampersand from that type, and paired it with the sturdier forms of the “F” and “R.” When we did, we got all tingly. That’s when we knew something exciting was about to happen. As far as ampersands go, it’s not the most flamboyant, but its understated elegance has set the tone and spirit of a company that we hope is as long-lasting as the typeface we built it on.

José got the chills from creating what he thought was the perfect combination of fonts and lettering. It’s his passion for getting the little things just right that makes him such a great part of our team, and why we’re so proud to work together. To learn more about José and the whole Metaleap team, follow them on Instagram at @metaleapcreative. To learn more about our mission of fragrance and function, click here.

September 07, 2017

7 Steps for a Better Shave

1. Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water. 

There's a lot to be said for getting a clean start when shaving. First off, you will you improve your overall complexion. But perhaps more importantly, the process of washing with warm water will soften your skin, making it easier to get a close shave and reducing the chance of nicking your skin. Because the process of shaving can be taxing on your skin, this is no time to bring out a harsh exfoliating scrub. Our Daily Cleanser will gently remove the dirt and oil from your skin without overdrying.

2. Using a shave brush or your fingertips, spread a toothpaste-sized amount of Fulton & Roark Shave Cream across your skin. 

When it comes to our shave cream, less is more. The concentrated, no-foam formula is designed to go on as a thin layer across your skin. Using more than the recommended amount will likely slow down your razor without improving your experience.

3. Splash some hot water on top of the shave cream to activate the formula.

The addition of hot water to the shave cream not only helps keep your skin soft as you begin to shave, it also activates the shave cream, making it supremely slick. The result is far less razor drag, which makes for happier skin. 

4. Gently glide your razor across your face with the grain. 

In other words, move your razor in the same direction that your hair grows. Shaving "with the grain" will reduce friction and decrease the likelihood of ingrown hairs as your stubble grows back. Because every guy's facial hair grows differently, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the details of your face before you shave. Knowing how your hair grows will make your shaving ritual a smoother process.

5. Rinse your razor every few strokes.

Whether you use a single blade safety razor or a high-tech five blade, keeping the blades clean and free of buildup will make for a more precise shave. 

6. Rinse your face with cold water after shaving. 

By rinsing with cold water, you not only remove any leftover shave cream, but you also help reduce any inflammation that may have been caused by shaving. 

7. Finish up with one of our cooling Aftershave Cloths to leave your skin feeling great. 

Our cooling Aftershave Cloths leave your skin feeling great and smelling fresh. You can learn more about how they work here. 


August 08, 2017

Travel Hack: The Bluffworks Travel Blazer

Meeting at 10 and flight at 12? Turn your business attire travel friendly with the Bluffworks Gramercy Travel Blazer

It wouldn't be a stretch to say Bluffworks created the ultimate blazer. It is breathable, comfortable, wrinkle-free, and machine washable all while maintaining the look and feel of wool. It is also stocked with 10 pockets, allowing to keep your Fulton & Roark products near for the perfect post-flight freshen up. 


July 21, 2017

Why Our Aftershave Cloths Are The Best Product You Haven't Tried Yet

Our Aftershave Cloths may be our best kept secret at Fulton & Roark, in part because there isn’t another product like them that we know of.  

Follow along as we walk you through some the standout ingredients in our cooling face towelettes and explain the benefits each ingredient brings to the powerful pocket-sized cloths.


Not only would “Witch Hazel” make for an awesome band name, but this ingredient is also one of the best in the grooming industry. The natural astringent is produced from the leaves and bark of the witch hazel shrub, and we add it to our Aftershave Cloths to sooth and reduce razor burn. Additionally, we love witch hazel for its oil-eliminating and blemish-fighting abilities.


Tea tree is another popular product in the industry thanks to its endless list of benefits. You probably know it from its distinct smell and tingly sensation. However, this essential oil is also killer at helping fight razor burn and improving your complexion.


Odds are you’re already familiar with the fragrance of bergamot even if you don’t know it. The strange-looking little citrus fruit is what gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor. Imagine if a lime and an avocado had a baby. That ugly little child is a bergamot. While it’s not much to look at, it gives our Aftershave Cloths their signature citrusy, spicy top notes. Because your skin is our top priority, we use a special formula that is free of bergapten, a naturally occurring compound that can cause increased sensitivity to sunlight.   


Yup, the same stuff the koala bears eat. We love this natural essential oil from the Blue Gum variety of the eucalyptus tree for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits, and also for its unmistakably invigorating scent.  


Sagebrush is a native North American plant that grows across the Rocky Mountains region. The plant’s medicinal and restorative qualities have been used for centuries by Native Americans -- the most notable being smudging. While we can’t promise our Aftershave Cloths will ward off bad juju, we CAN guarantee they’ll give your skin an essential boost while leaving it clean, refreshed and free of razor burn.

October 27, 2016

F&R Shave Cream earns the GQ 2016 Grooming Award

GQ November 2016 cover and Fulton & Roark Best Shave Cream feature page

According to GQ, “the secret to shaving” is not the razor, but in using really good shave cream. And, as far as the grooming gurus at GQ are concerned, Fulton & Roark’s highly concentrated shave cream is the best product around for making men's shaving rituals a smooth, irritation-free and altogether enjoyable experience.

You can read the full GQ article here.

Our blend of avocado, tea tree and jojoba oils help combat razor burn while locking in moisture. And the thick, no-foam cream stays put to both reduce razor drag and simplify your process. 

So whether you use an old-fashioned straight razor, a safety razor or the latest 47-blade cartridge that looks more like a sports car than a shaving device, we have the perfect shave cream for you.  

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May 01, 2016


The Manual's Fulton & Roark Review - Solid Colognes

THEMANUAL.COM bills itself as "the essential guide for men,." We think it's an apt description of one of our favorite men's websites around.

And it's why we were so pleased to see their review of our full line of products.

They took the time to test our solid colognes, face wash, bar soap, shave cream and aftershave cloths. We were happy with what they had to say, and we think you might enjoy the read as well. 

Check it out here.