July 30, 2019


Timeless classics are sometimes the best options for the modern fragrance wearer.  This includes the fresh yet woodsy scent known as fougère (pronounced foo-JAIR). While it’s considered a pillar of men’s cologne categories, even those familiar with fragrance may still feel unclear on fougère as there are many different ideas of what fougère should smell like.  In our fragrance deep dive, we take a look at everything you need to know involving fougère. View full article →
July 24, 2019

Meet Our Stockist: The Sporting District

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Sean McNelis, owner of The Sporting District, about his gentlemen’s store and his take on men’s fashion, in general. Located in the nationally acclaimed Pearl District of San Antonio, Texas, The Sporting District exemplifies elevated men’s style – not only in the products they carry but in the experience they create for every shopper. View full article →
July 16, 2019

Meet Our Stockist: REVOLVR Menswear

REVOLVR Menswear was founded based on a need for quality men's clothing in the small town of Bozeman, Montana.  Now with another location in Bend, Oregon, it is delivering men's clothing and so much more.  Showcasing local artwork and also local beer, REVOLVR Menswear is a place where everyone can gather, socialize, and check out clothes and gear for a guy that doesn't take himself too seriously but wants everyone to know he has a great sense of style. View full article →
July 10, 2019

Fragrance Vocabulary

Fragrances have their own set of vocabulary which makes it hard to know what some websites and places are talking about when revealing their newest fragrance.  Some of the terminologies are so complex, it can be intimidating to approach and even start to learn what they mean.  We are here to change that!  These words are the basics in fragrance vocabulary that can help a fragrance expert review some terms and will also help someone just starting to take how they smell seriously understand all the different aspects of a fragrance. 

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July 05, 2019

Meet Our Stockist: M. Dumas & Sons

M. Dumas & Son is a store that is uniquely Charleston and one of our favorite retail partners.  It has been transforming men into gentlemen for 102 years. M. Dumas & Sons has evolved over the years with fashion but one thing that has not changed is the dedication to a great experience while shopping.  Inside the store at the corner of King and Society Street, you will find a relaxed atmosphere where you can relax, have a beer, and speak with the knowledgeable staff while not feeling as though you must buy something. Sales associates will make sure you look your best while in the store but will also go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied.  View full article →
June 10, 2019

How to choose the best razor for you

Shaving can be confusing!  In today's world there are many different options when it comes to picking a razor and when making a decision, people have to factor in cost, skill, and issues like skin sensitivity.  See a breakdown of different razors along with a way to combat shaving friction and sensitivity. View full article →
May 27, 2019

The Perfect Gift for Every Dad

Father's Day is less than a month away, and shopping for the dads in your life can be tough. In an attempt to make things a little easier, we've created this quick guide featuring some best bets for every type of dad. Find the kind of dad you're shopping for, and see what we recommend!  View full article →
April 11, 2019


On the subject of diet, I have often heard the advice, "if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.” Other than taking quinoa off the table for a lot of people, it's a pretty good guideline.

But with grooming products, it’s often more complicated than that. Ingredients that look like they came straight out of an advanced chemistry textbook might just be your hair's best friend. 

Our conditioner is a great example of how the combination of all-natural elements and ingredients developed with modern science can result in the best product out there. While our ingredients list certainly includes plant extracts and oils, there are also some compounds you have likely never heard of. Rest easy. We pride ourselves on only using safe, effective and responsibly-sourced ingredients. 

It's also why we like to take a deeper dive into our products and explain each of our ingredients—what they are, and what they do. 

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March 12, 2019


When it comes to taking good care of your skin, using products with skin-safe, environmentally-friendly and effective ingredients is always important. But using products that conform to the highest standards of quality and safety is even more important when it comes to a product like a Daily Moisturizer. Why? Because unlike a face wash or shave cream, which quickly rinses off after use, a moisturizer is designed to sit on your skin all day. Consequently, it's a big deal that the ingredients that are in contact with your skin all day and every day be good for you.  View full article →
January 08, 2019

A Resolution Worth Keeping: Wear an SPF Every Single Day

We spent more than two and a half years developing and perfecting our Daily Moisturizer.  Before we started, we knew exactly what we wanted, and just as importantly, what we didn't want. Here's how we got there. View full article →