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March 29, 2022

Manage your Subscription via Text Messages

Modifying your subscription just became easier! You can now modify your subscription from your phone by subscribing to our SMS subscription management and texting us to +1 844-661-2392.

Below are some examples of what you can do with a quick text.

Text alerting of upcoming order

Order Reminders

No surprise charges! We will alert you about your upcoming subscription order three days before your order is scheduled to ship. This will give you some time to modify your subscription if need be.

Example of changing your account settings from a text.

Update your Account

You can easily make changes to your account, such as changing the frequency in which your subscription items are delivered, how many you receive, and where they should ship.

Text showing ability to add one-time items to subscription

Add One-time Products

If you'd like to try another F&R product but are not yet ready to add it to your ritual, you can add the product to your subscription shipment as a one-time purchase. You not only get to try something new, but you also save on shipping!

Text showing a subscription order being skipped.

Skip your order

Sometimes your F&R products might last longer than you expect them to. To avoid stocking up when your supply is still looking good, you can skip your upcoming order without needing to change the frequency of your subscription or canceling.

Text showing an order being delayed.

Delay your order

If you don't want to skip your next order because it would be scheduled for several months out, you can delay it instead for a couple of weeks or so.

Text showing a product being swapped in a subscription order.

Swap products

If you find a new favorite fragrance  or F&R product, you can swap the product you are subscribed to for your new favorite. If you do not see the product you'd like on the list, we will send you a link to our store catalog (no login required!).

Text showing an order being canceled

Cancel your subscription

Even though we'd like you to be part of your daily routine, we understand you may need to cancel your recurring shipments at some point. To do so, you can reply "cancel subscription" or "end subscription," and we'll take care of canceling it for you.

Free US Shipping on orders 50+

Free US Shipping on orders 50+