April 25, 2022

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Coastal, Fresh, Cedar
Kiawah $60.00

Here's how to get started with your Solid Fragrance Discovery Set

1. Start with a single fragrance (we recommend Kiawah because it's the lightest fragrance). Peel back the foil, and first smell it straight from the package.


Hand grabbing one individual blister pack


2. If that fragrance has potential, try rubbing your finger quickly but gently over the wax, and then applying the fragrance to your wrist. Give it a moment to settle on your skin, and then give your wrist a sniff. If it still seems like a good fit, consider applying more to your wrists and behind your ear.


Hand applying wax from blister back on wrist


3. Try it out for a while and see what you (and perhaps your significant other, or friends) think.


Lady smelling fragrance on guy's neck


4. If at any point, you decide that particular fragrance isn't for you, consider removing the cologne with a warm wet washcloth, and moving on to the next fragrance. Quite literally, rinse and repeat!


5. Keep trying each of the fragrances until you've landed on the cologne that is the right fit for you. Smelling coffee aroma between fragrances can help “clean your palate” and prevent nasal fatigue.


Finger pointing fragrance on Discovery Set


6. Get your favorite fragrance and enjoy! Remember to use your $20 coupon code located on the back of your Discovery Set. 

BLACK FRIDAY: Spend $75, Save 15% | Spend $150, Save 20% | Spend $250, Save 25%. Use code HOLIDAY.

BLACK FRIDAY: Spend $75, Save 15% | Spend $150, Save 20% | Spend $250, Save 25%. Use code HOLIDAY.


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