September 22, 2017

Why GQ Recommends our Aftershave Cloths for preventing breakouts

Normally, we wouldn't recommend taking advice on preventing acne from a 60-year-old. But, when that 60-year-old is GQ Magazine, we would advise you to listen up.

This week, GQ published an article, "How to Prevent Acne Without Seeing a Dermatologist." Tip number one? Keep your face clean, even on the go with Fulton & Roark's Aftershave Cloths. View full article →
September 19, 2017

Travel Hack: Slip-On Shoes

Don’t be that guy who holds up the airport security line unlacing your shoes. Instead, wear a pair of slip-on shoes, like the Native Shoes Cruz slip-ons, for both ease and comfort while still looking presentable. View full article →
September 18, 2017

Why You Need Face Wash

If you’re reading this, you probably already care more than the Average Joe about how you look and smell. And for that, we congratulate you.

However, one thing we’ve noticed is there are still not enough guys using daily face wash.

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September 15, 2017

Track Hack: Airplane Bottles in the Carry-On

Traveling today? Don't wait until the plane lands to start your weekend. The Federal Aviation Administration allows for airplane bottles to be part of your carry-on collection. Just make sure they fit in a quart sized zip-top bag.

For cocktail inspiration, check out Hipmunk's airplane friendly drink guide.


September 07, 2017

Meet the man behind our ampersand

When it comes to the aesthetic of our overall look, there’s one man who's behind more of the little details than anyone else. José Reyes, the creative director of Metaleap Creative is responsible not only for the design of our ampersand but also for the look and feel of much of our packaging. View full article →
September 07, 2017

7 Steps for a Better Shave

There's so much more to a good shave than a decent razor. Before you even reach for your blade, follow these seven steps to get a better shave. Your skin will thank you. View full article →
September 04, 2017

Travel Hack: Get a Dry Bag

Traveling for more than a couple days? A waterproof dry bag is great for keeping damp and dirty laundry separate from what's clean until there's time to wash it all. They pack flat and you can get one at any outdoor store worth visiting.
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August 08, 2017

Travel Hack: The Bluffworks Travel Blazer

It wouldn't be a stretch to say Bluffworks created the ultimate blazer. It is breathable, comfortable, wrinkle-free, and machine washable all while maintaining the look and feel of wool. It is also stocked with 10 pockets, allowing to keep your Fulton & Roark products near for the perfect post-flight freshen up.  View full article →
July 21, 2017

Why Our Aftershave Cloths Are The Best Product You Haven't Tried Yet

Our Aftershave Cloths may be our best-kept secret at Fulton & Roark, in part because there isn’t another product like them that we know of.  

Follow along as we walk you through some the standout ingredients in our cooling face towelettes and explain the benefits each ingredient brings to the powerful pocket-sized cloths.

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October 27, 2016

F&R Shave Cream earns the GQ 2016 Grooming Award

According to GQ, “the secret to shaving” is not the razor, but in using really good shave cream. And, as far as the grooming gurus at GQ are concerned, Fulton & Roark’s highly concentrated shave cream is the best product around for making men's shaving rituals a smooth, irritation-free and altogether enjoyable experience. View full article →