August 17, 2022

Our Bar Soap Manifesto

We landed on four "truths" that we focused on to create our line of Bar Soaps, and we believe by holding to these four ideas, we made something truly extraordinary.  View full article →

August 01, 2022

14 Reasons you'll love Solid Fragrance

Here are some reasons we think you’ll love our Solid Fragrances:

    1. Our steady-wearing wax-based formula gives you a scent that can last you all day.
    2. Your Solid Fragrances can travel with you anywhere and everywhere. (Good luck taking that four-ounce glass bottle of spray through airport security, or cramming it in a gym locker!)
    3. You no longer have to “spray and pray.” Unlike the unreliable spritz, the manual application of our solid lets you know how much you are applying and where.
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April 25, 2022

Here's how to get started with your Discovery Set

A step-by-step guide on how to get started with your Solid Fragrance Discovery Set. View full article →

April 08, 2022

Solid Cologne or Solid Fragrance: What’s the difference?

As the popularity of solid fragrance continues to grow, lots of people want to know the differences between the terms solid cologne, solid perfume, solid fragrance, wax cologne, hard cologne, and the like.

In most cases, all of these terms are used interchangeably. However, there is a reason that at Fulton & Roark we prefer to talk about our offerings as Solid Fragrance for two reasons.


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March 29, 2022

Manage your Subscription via Text Messages

Modifying your subscription just became easier! You can now modify your subscription from your phone by subscribing to our SMS subscription management and texting us to +1 844-661-2392.

Here are some examples of what you can do with a quick text.

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March 28, 2022

How often should you receive your favorite F&R product?

If you'd like to subscribe to your favorite F&R product but don't know how often you should receive it, the guide below can help. View full article →

March 21, 2022


There's an old truism that, "writing about music is like dancing about architecture." While we believe that the same could be said of fragrance reviews, we also know that a few words about a fragrance can be very helpful when deciding which cologne is right for you. View full article →

September 08, 2021

What's in this stuff? A guide to our Inspired Deodorants

Deodorant is a product that you most likely apply to your skin every single day. What's more, unlike a soap or shave cream, it's not one that you rinse off after a minute or two. It's a product that sits on your skin all day. That's a big deal, and it's why we think it's so important that you know what's in your deodorant and that you feel good about those ingredients.  View full article →

August 29, 2021

How and why soap kills COVID-19... and lots of other germs too

Soap is made up of interesting little molecules that have a hydrophilic head, which means that it bonds with water, and a hydrophobic tail, which means it avoids water and instead looks for oils or lipids to bond with. When soap and water interact, the soap molecules arrange themselves with their hydrophobic tails tucked together while the water-loving heads of the molecules face outward, looking to bond with water. Meanwhile, many viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19, the HIV virus and hepatitis B) have lipid membranes, or outer walls.

When you wash your hands with soap and water, you’re spreading those tiny little soap molecules all over your hands. As you’re washing, the hydrophobic ends of the molecules wedge themselves into the membranes of viruses and bacteria, causing them to rupture and break apart. 

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August 23, 2021

F&R Ritual

Upgrade your routine with a steady supply of your favorite F&R products. With our subscription model you get to save on your favorite fragrance or grooming products and you don't ever need to worry about running out. Choose which products you'd like and how often you'd like to receive them and we'll handle the rest. View full article →

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Free US Shipping on orders $50+