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January 31, 2024

How a moment of adolescent disappointment led to one of our most important principles

Image of Fulton & Roark Bar Soap

Growing up as a fine fragrance enthusiast, I stumbled upon a problem that would shape Fulton & Roark years later. I was a high school freshman, and I'd saved up my money to get a new scent I'd been wanting for months. At the store, I was excited to see that rather than just a bottle of the cologne, I could buy it as part of a gift set. "This is great! I'll be able to try out layering the matching deodorant, shower gel, and lotion," I thought to myself. Of course, things didn't turn out as I'd expected.

Upon hopping in the shower and opening the bath gel, it became immediately clear to me that this was not a great product. Its faint smell vaguely resembled the fragrance I loved, but it sat on my loofah like glob of glue, refusing to lather. Later, my experience with the deodorant and body lotion were even worse: bad product, substandard fragrance, even the packaging was poorly done. Despite being just 14, I could see that the "gift set" I had bought was simply an afterthought used to sell more bottles of fragrance. 

Years later, my cofounder, Allen and I began planning what we wanted to create with Fulton & Roark. I recalled that moment of adolescent disappointment, and wanted to offer something much better. We decided a key principle for our company would be a relentless focus on the details of all our products, not just the fragrances. When it came to creating a remarkable bar soap, we looked for lots of little ways to delight our customers. Even with our Bar Soap, we found our opportunities to make the ordinary something special.

Our Bar Soap is available in all fifteen of our fragrances, and every bar is triple-milled and weighs in at more than half a pound, which means you can easily expect your bar soap to last four to six weeks.

The combination of exfoliants gently removes dead skin cells while a combination of natural oils and extracts nourish your skin. You'll notice a deep-clean feeling with no waxy residue or dryness. And of course, they all smell fantastic. 

How do you know this isn't just a bunch of marketing speak? With our 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Returns Policy on our Bar Soap, if you don't love any of our full-sized products, just send it back and we'll gladly exchange it or refund your money. 

Free US Shipping on orders 50+

Free US Shipping on orders 50+