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Kiawah Solid Fragrance

Kiawah Solid Fragrance

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A fresh coastal breeze with a cedar accent

.2 oz Solid Fragrance

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Fragrance Notes

Confident and relaxed.
Olfactive Family: Woody Watery

  • Top Notes: Lemon Rind & Marine Notes
  • Mid Notes: Cedar & Balsam
  • Base Notes: Amber & Clove


There’s a paradoxical feeling one gets from staring at the ocean. Surveying the immense power and chaos of waves crashing on the shore somehow lends a sense of peace.

Our fragrance Kiawah is also a study in dichotomy, with the warm scent of Virginia Cedar blending perfectly with the crisp scent of cool ocean tides. The combination is accented with clean Citrus and smooth Amber.

The resulting fragrance is both assertive and understated, seemingly growing more complex as you wear it.

Inspired by the island off the coast of South Carolina famed for its fresh air, beautiful beaches, and fascinating history, Kiawah is the perfect fragrance for every season.

Discover the Olfactory Notes
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Ceresin Wax
Mineral Oil
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
SD Alcohol 40-B
Cetyl Alcohol

How to use it

Our Solid Fragrances are wax-based fragrances that are long-lasting and designed not to overpower. It comes in a small, shatterproof container that can go anywhere.
To apply it, just swipe your fingers across the wax and apply a small amount to your wrists and neck.


You’re in control of the fragrance level.


Carry it confidently. There's nothing to spill, leak, or break.


Long-lasting steady-wearing fragrance for you and those closest to you.


Fits perfectly in any bag, carry-on, or pocket.

Fragrance notes

Top notes

Marine Notes
Lemon Rind
A refreshing and invigorating scent reminiscent of sea breezes and oceanic elements, often featuring watery, salty, and airy notes.

Mid notes


Base notes


The Collection

Solid Fragrance

Highly concentrated


Aluminum free

Bar Soap


Formula 5 Oil

Multipurpose Oil

Hear from our customers

This scent reminds me of a clean fresh shower in a coastal spring. I keep the compact with me for a renewed boost as I go about my day.

Edward E. verified buyer

Absolutely love this concept. I actually purchased it for myself and get compliments on it daily. It is not overly masculine and is a neutrally appreciated scent. Love that I can put it in my jacket pocket and bring it with me when I go out!

Alanna L. verified buyer

Sheesh! This fragrance is AMAZING!!! I wish I had more of it.

K.A. verified buyer

Impressed the ladies. I’ve gotten rave reviews on the smell, so I’m thrilled! Worth every penny!

C.B. verified buyer

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