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Lost Man Solid Fragrance

Lost Man Solid Fragrance

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An adventurous composition of Virginia Cedar, Vetiver, and Clary Sage.

.2 oz Solid Fragrance

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Fragrance Notes

Dark and expansive
Olfactive Family: Aromatic Tonic

  • Top Notes: Grapefruit Zest, Elemi & Mandarin
  • Mid Notes: Clary Sage, Geranium & Leather
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Siberian Pine & Cedarwood


I craned my neck and slowly turned to see the towering snowcapped mountains in nearly every direction. Rocky fields were sprinkled with patches of emerald grass and the brilliant pinks and yellows of alpine wildflowers. I came upon a shimmering mountain lake and looked upon the towering fir trees that would invariably lead my eyes to the bright blue sky. It somehow seemed bigger than anything I’d seen before. I attempted to take it all in—to save it for future moments of reflection when I needed to feel a sense of awe.

As I did, I noticed the constant chatter of the rocky creeks surrounding me, a primal sound of reassurance that all was well. The sound had been there all along as if waiting patiently for me to notice. I felt the breeze come down from the mountains to cool my sun-warmed skin as my legs carried me forward, the muscles delighting in the joy of their effort.

I saw it all. I heard it all. I felt it all, and it was too much beauty for my intellect to take. My mind collapsed into a sea of euphoria, and there I stood, grateful for this moment of existence.

Lost Man is everything all at once.

It opens with the brisk intermingled notes of fresh Citrus, Virginia Cedar, and Siberian Pine—like sunlight peeking through the trees. The green and herbaceous and floral notes of Clary Sage and Geranium provide a stunning contrast with the earthy, leathery scents of Styrax and Haitian Vetiver. The result is a delightful combination that calls to mind fresh mountain air blowing through the massive fir trees of the Colorado wilderness.

This fragrance is created with a number of ingredients from the Naturals Together program, a sustainability-driven partnership with the people and regions from whom and from which we source our ingredients.

Discover the Olfactory Notes
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Ceresin Wax
Mineral Oil
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
SD Alcohol 40-B
Cetyl Alcohol

About the perfumer

Clement Gavarry

For Clement Gavarry, perfumery was his birthright: he is the fourth generation to live a life steeped in fragrance creation. At fifteen, Clement began annual fragrance-related summer internships enjoying "being a detective finding clues and analyzing ingredients" in the field of chromatography - his specialty at university. An early work experience in New York brought an epiphany: he should become a perfumer. He entered ISIPCA, the school of Perfumery in Versailles, graduating with a Master's Degree and a Diploma in Organic Chemistry.

Clement thinks of his creations as "a balance of heart and mind." He is a perfectionist who prefers to focus intently on a project, often finding it hard to "let go" and finish his fragrances. "I love to truly get to know my formula. Only then can I find the best balance."


You’re in control of the fragrance level.


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Long-lasting steady-wearing fragrance for you and those closest to you.


Fits perfectly in any bag, carry-on, or pocket.

Fragrance notes

Top notes

Grapefruit Zest
A fresh and juicy fragrance with sweet and tangy citrus notes.

Mid notes

Clary Sage

Base notes

Siberian Pine

The Collection

Solid Fragrance

Highly concentrated

Extrait de Parfum

Highly concentrated spray fragrance


Aluminium free

Bar Soap


Formula 5 Oil

Multipurpose Oil

Hear from our customers

Incredible scent. It’s like Kiawah and Devil’s Garden had a love child. Adventurous and manly. I envision rock climbing above a tropical beach as a worthy pursuit of someone wearing this scent. Well done, AGAIN, Fulton and Roark.

Matthew C. verified buyer

From the time I first put this FRAGRANCE on, my wife and every other woman that has come near me has been intoxicated. Needless to say, I have ordered a backup supply.

Will verified buyer

I’ve been purchasing F&R products for a while, and I keep thinking they can’t outdo their prior fragrances, especially after Ramble… WRONG. Lost Man just might be my favorite yet! Floral, herby, smoky, and piney perfection!

Kenneth D. verified buyer

Love the Lost Man addition. It’s uniquely Fulton and Roark but wildly different at the same time. I love it.

Brent M. verified buyer

Free US Shipping on orders 50+

Free US Shipping on orders 50+