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Bar Soap

Bar Soap

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Formulated with Moroccan Red Clay, Eucalyptus, Sage, And White Spruce Oils

8.8 oz/ 249.5 g

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Why it's special

For us, the quality of a soap can be determined by two things: how it makes you feel during your shower and how it makes you feel afterward.

A blend of rhassoul (Moroccan red clay) and oat flour provides light exfoliation, while shea and cocoa butter combined with natural essential oils help hydrate your skin. An energizing blend of sage, eucalyptus, and white spruce lather up to create an experience that will clear your mind—and refresh your skin. And thanks to its long-lasting triple-milled formulation, a bar of F&R soap lasts months, not weeks.

And while our soap doesn’t feature “space-age technology” or Bluetooth, it does “sync up” nicely with each of our solid fragrances—helping you look, feel and smell your best all day long.

Really good soap. No gadgets necessary.


Sodium Palmate
Sodium Cocoate
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Olive OIl
Grapeseed Oil
Rhassoul Cla
Oat Flour
Eucalyptus Oil
White Spruce Oil
Sage Oil
White Grapefruit Oil
Black Pepper Oil

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Free US Shipping on orders 50+

Free US Shipping on orders 50+