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Cloudland Solid Fragrance

Cloudland Solid Fragrance

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An intimate skin scent with notes of earth and summer rainfall.

.2 oz Solid Fragrance

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Fragrance Notes

Quietly confident

Olfactive Family: Woody Floral Musk

  • Top Notes: Citrus Zest & Transparent Jasmine
  • Mid Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Ylang Ylang & Cashmeran
  • Base Notes: Ambrox, Skin Musks & Moss Crystals


Cloudland is our homage to the experience of a summer rainstorm, and the intimacy of human touch.

As we arrived at Cloudland Canyon, we had a sense our hike was doomed before it began. Perhaps it was the wild optimism of a new love that led us to ignore the gathering clouds and leave the safety of our car for the trail ahead.

Our hike had only just begun when we noticed the clouds roll in thick, heavy, and low. We paused at the overlooks to admire their ominous beauty. Neither of us wanted to be the one to suggest we turn around to call a halt to our shared exploration. And then it happened.
We heard it first, the sound of a furious downpour lashing the summer leaves in the distance. A moment later, we could smell the rain approaching—the sharp, electric scent like no other.

We started to run, but quickly realized our folly. Within seconds our clothes were soaked. We were two miles from the trailhead, and we couldn't get any wetter. So, we stopped. We laughed. There was no sense in planning what would come next. Eventually, we would get back to our warm and dry home. But, until the rain slowed, all we had was this moment. We embraced, and took it all in—the roar of the storm in our ears, the pounding of our hearts, and the scent of one another's drenched skin intermingled with the smell of rain and wet forest floor. There was no trail to follow, nor time to keep. It was only the two of us and the storm enveloping us. The hike was ruined, and the moment was perfect.


Ceresin Wax
Mineral Oil
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
SD Alcohol 40-B
Cetyl Alcohol

About the perfumer

Alexandra Monet
Sparkling and spontaneous, Alexandra Monet is the personification of joie de vivre. At the age of 13, her curiosity led her to discover the programs at ISIPCA. She remembers the great perfumers of that time – like Francoise Caron – who supported her in her professional development and to whom she remains very close. Her passion grew, and Alexandra focused her studies on making perfumery her profession.
The love of her profession brought Alexandra to Munich, Germany for 6 years. She wanted to start her career living in the German culture, with its reputation for order and structure – in keeping with her own character. Her creations at that time reflected a certain expression of balance and organization. She appreciated all that the Bavarian capital offered, with its easy life, far from violence and stress. But it is in Paris that Alexandra really feels at home, surrounded by her friends and family with whom she likes to spend time. She loves the atmosphere of big cities, which gives her the feeling that she is never alone. It’s the energy that she loves the most.
Besides Paris, this city girl also likes New York, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong. Their architecture makes her dizzy. The hearts of these cities at night are especially captivating with their constant activity – almost like that of an anthill – as if these cities never sleep!
Alexandra loves to travel. This escape from her day to day life nourishes her creativity. She enjoys discovering new tastes and smells, and also meeting new people. “I do like traveling alone, because it allows me to see things differently and to approach people more easily. Stories and memories from travelling are a wonderful way to inspire my olfactive imagination.” One of her most wonderful travel destinations is India; it’s a place she loves and which she has visited many times, finding it a country of great contrasts. “There you can find both the most horrible and the most extraordinary smells all at once; somber colors as well as the most vibrant and shimmering.”

A Note from the Perfumer:
"When working on this fragrance, we were looking for a vibrant, skin-like scent with an earthy quality. To accomplish this, I used citrus and floral notes such as Jasmine Sambac and Ylang Ylang that together with soft musks and warm notes such as Ambrox and Cashmeran create the sensation of walking in nature after a rainfall."


You’re in control of the fragrance level.


Carry it confidently. There's nothing to spill, leak, or break.


Long-lasting steady-wearing fragrance for you and those closest to you.


Fits perfectly in any bag, carry-on, or pocket.

Fragrance notes

Top notes

Citrus Zest
Transparent Jasmine
Bright and tangy with intense and refreshing citrus notes.

Mid notes

Ylang Ylang

Base notes

Skin Musks
Ambrox Super

The Collection

Solid Fragrance

Highly concentrated

Extrait de Parfum

Highly concentrated spray fragrance


Aluminium free

Bar Soap


Formula 5 Oil

Multipurpose Oil

Free US Shipping on orders 50+

Free US Shipping on orders 50+