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HWY 190 Solid Fragrance

HWY 190 Solid Fragrance

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A vast expanse of Freesia, Myrrh, and Desert Wind.

.2 oz Solid Fragrance

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Fragrance Notes

Seductive and direct
Olfactive Family: Woody Amber

  • Top Notes: Fresh Orange, Pink Pepper & White Freesia
  • Mid Notes: Myrrh, Cistus Labdanum & Cypriol Heart
  • Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Vetiver Java & Cedarwood


Hwy 190 is our celebration of the drive through awe-inspiring Death Valley. The fragrance opens with bright shining notes of Pink Pepper, Fresh Oranges, and White Freesia that gradually give way to the dry incense-like notes of Myrrh and Cypriol Heart mixed with the smokiness of Javanese and Haitian Vetiver, settling into the elegant dry down of Virginian Cedar. Like its namesake, Hwy 190 is vast, haunting, and likely to be a truly unique experience for you.

Discover the Olfactory Notes
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Ceresin Wax
Mineral Oil
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
SD Alcohol 40-B
Cetyl Alcohol

About the perfumer

Hamid Merati Kashani
Born in Germany, to an Iranian father and German mother, he was raised in Isfahan, Iran, until the end of the revolution in 1979. He defines himself as, “Iranian in education, and German in organization.” With poignant memories of growing up amongst fields of roses, where friends distilled rose oil, Hamid fought hard to become a perfumer and knows success can be taken for granted.

Merati-Keshani's signature style of creating strong, long-lasting fragrances is defined by what he calls "overdosing. By using far more of a signature ingredient than what one would normally expect from other perfumers, he creates scents that truly stand out from the crowd."

A Note from the Perfumer:
"I created Calle Ocho for Fulton & Roark, which is a fragrance that is for someone who looks for original scents that make a mark. The Firmenich Naturals Together ingredients used in this creation – such as cinnamon from Sri Lanka, and Australian Sandalwood – are not only strong in scent but are also sourced responsibly and have a positive social impact."


You’re in control of the fragrance level.


Carry it confidently. There's nothing to spill, leak, or break.


Long-lasting steady-wearing fragrance for you and those closest to you.


Fits perfectly in any bag, carry-on, or pocket.

Fragrance notes

Top notes

Fresh Orange
Pink Pepper
White Freesia
Fresh, juicy, and sweet, with citrus, orange, and aldehydic notes. Gives freshness to compositions.

Mid notes

Cistus Labdanum
Cypriol Heart

Base notes

Vanilla Beans
Vetiver Java
Cedarwood Virginia

The Collection

Solid Fragrance

Highly concentrated

Extrait de Parfum

Highly concentrated spray fragrance


Aluminium free

Bar Soap


Formula 5 Oil

Multipurpose Oil

Hear from our customers

Each new fragrance gets better and better - this one is no exception - I received so many compliments on it right off the bat and it really stands out - I strongly recommend this one.

Joel S. verified buyer

Super unique and differentiating scent on this one. Fresh with a bite. Love it.

Brent M. verified buyer

I’m just starting to wear Hwy 190. I think I love it. I can’t really describe the scent but when you smell something really good, you just know you love that scent! It’s sensual, it’s earthy, just a really great scent!

S.J. verified buyer

Free US Shipping on orders 50+

Free US Shipping on orders 50+