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Bergamot, Rosewood, and Ginger with hints of Black Pepper and Resin

.2 oz Solid Fragrance

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Fragrance Notes

Intimate and sophisticated
  • Top Notes: Bergamot & Black Pepper
  • Mid Notes: Rosewood & Ginger
  • Base Notes: Resin


Near the base of Mount Rainier in Washington State lies Narada Falls. It’s an easy hike off the main road—so short that one barely has time to prepare for the beauty of it all.

High above the trail’s end, the Paradise River drops 160 feet straight down a volcanic rock cliff wall, gathering in a pool before making a second drop and continuing the river’s run.

While it is beautiful in summer, during the winter the upper falls freeze over, creating an amazing sight to behold, massive vertical sheets of ice surrounded by dense evergreens and dark stone.

This remarkable juxtaposition of the natural elements was the inspiration for Narada. The fragrance opens with fresh and spicy notes of Bergamot, Black Pepper, and Cardamom, and opens to reveal warm notes of Rosewood, Ginger Root, and Resin. More than any other fragrance ever created by Fulton & Roark, Narada responds to your specific body chemistry. The resulting fragrance is both fresh and intriguing, familiar but distinct, and uniquely yours.

Discover the Olfactory Notes


Ceresin Wax
Mineral Oil
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
SD Alcohol 40-B
Cetyl Alcohol

How to use it

Our Solid Fragrances are wax-based fragrances that are long-lasting and designed not to overpower. It comes in a small, shatterproof container that can go anywhere.

To apply it, just swipe your fingers across the wax and apply a small amount to your wrists and neck.

You’re in control of the fragrance level.


Carry it confidently. There's nothing to spill, leak, or break.


Long-lasting steady-wearing fragrance for you and those closest to you.


Fits perfectly in any bag, carry-on, or pocket.

Fragrance notes

Top notes

Black Pepper
Mid Notes

Mid notes


Top Notes Base Notes

Base notes


Mid Notes

The Collection

Solid Fragrance

Highly concentrated


Aluminum free

Bar Soap


Formula 5 Oil

Multipurpose Oil

Hear from our customers

"This was my first purchase but it won't be my last. I work in a hospital, and I can't and don't want to wear something overpowering but still smell good through my shifts. This is perfect. I know without a doubt this fits perfectly. I know I smell amazing for close contact without assaulting the nose or bringing tears to the eyes of my patients. It's perfect for work or a night on the town with friends or that special someone. You have me hooked, can't wait to try other flavors. Thanks, guys."

Howard R. verified buyer

"The package the cologne is in has such a significant feel to it. The weight of it, the smooth sliding of the lid, the shine of the metal. All of it speaks to the quality of the product. The smell itself is incredibly pleasant with light tones but heavy reactions from others. “Nice cologne” “you smell great” “very light smell but very natural smelling, too”. My fiancé is jealous she doesn’t have cologne like I do. 10

Harlee C. verified buyer

"Subtle and classy. Everyone loves the smell of Narada on me. Just subtle enough to draw them in, but not overbearing."

M.G. verified buyer

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Free US shipping on orders $50+

Free US shipping on orders $50+