January 11, 2018

15 Reasons You Will Love Solid Cologne

Image of Man using Fulton & Roark solid cologne


If you’re looking to improve your grooming process, there’s no better place to start than by adopting solid cologne. Why? Because it’s likely the part of your grooming routine that needs an upgrade the most. It was the first grooming product the team at Fulton & Roark reimagined and now, years later, it’s still our best-known line of products.

Here are 15 reasons we think you’ll love our solid cologne:

    1. Our steady-wearing wax-based formula gives you a scent that can last you all day.
    2. Your solid cologne can travel with you anywhere and everywhere. (Good luck taking that four-ounce glass bottle of alcohol-based cologne through airport security, or cramming it in a gym locker!)
    3. You no longer have to “spray and pray.” Unlike the unreliable spritz, the manual application of our solid lets you know how much you are applying and where.
    4. Believe it or not, the alcohol content in many traditional spray colognes can stain and damage your clothing. With our solid formula, you apply the fragrance precisely where you want it and it stays there.
    5. No more embarrassing, “Whoa, who just put on cologne?” moments for you.
    6. Our squares are basically a socially acceptable version of a fidget spinner. You’re welcome.
    7. Fulton & Roark colognes come in refillable trays that not only help reduce waste but also allow you to hang onto your original container for years. Like a good lighter and lots of lucky men, your square will actually get better looking with age.
    8. Good fragrance is about smelling good for yourself and for those closest to you -- not for the people across the room. With our formulation, you and your significant other will notice and appreciate your cologne without getting your neighbors involved.
    9. Our packaging design allows you to apply or reapply discreetly. Whether you’re at home, the office or out for the night, you can quickly refresh your fragrance without drawing any attention.  
    10. In a sticky situation with an unopened beer and only your favorite square of Fulton & Roark? No worries -- we secretly function as a bottle opener, too.
    11. Unlike some other solid colognes on the market, all of our fragrance offerings use a colorless, odorless base. The totally pure format allows them to perform just as well as an alcohol spray without any “earthy” notes from ingredients like beeswax or shea butter.
    12. Product quality standards and safety are our top priority. That’s why Fulton & Roark works in a top-notch, certified lab to develop and produce all our products. Groom with confidence!
    13. Believe it or not, there are still fragrance companies out there that test on animals and use animal products (animal musk, ambergris, beeswax). Good news, we’re not one of them!
    14. While we know we aren’t alone in this, we pride ourselves in taking the time to create fragrances that have depth, character and truly feel inspired. Fragrance is at the heart of every product we make, and we’d like to think you’ll appreciate the difference.
    15. Trying out Fulton & Roark is worry-free. We offer a quiz to help you find the right fragrance for you. We also offer a set of fragrance samples, so you can pick your favorite(s) before purchasing a cologne. On top of that, our 30 Day No-Questions-Asked Return Policy means that you can shop with confidence. If you don’t love something, we’ll be happy to refund or exchange your purchase.

Ready to find which solid cologne fragrance is best for you? Take our quiz.