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July 21, 2017

Why Our Aftershave Cloths Are The Best Product You Haven't Tried Yet

Man using Fulton & Roark aftershave cloths on his face.

Our Aftershave Cloths may be our best-kept secret at Fulton & Roark, in part because there isn’t another product like them that we know of.  

Follow along as we walk you through some of the standout ingredients in our cooling face towelettes and explain the benefits each ingredient brings to the powerful pocket-sized cloths.


Not only would “Witch Hazel” make for an awesome band name, but this ingredient is also one of the best in the grooming industry. The natural astringent is produced from the leaves and bark of the witch hazel shrub, and we add it to our Aftershave Cloths to soothe and reduce razor burn. Additionally, we love witch hazel for its oil-eliminating and blemish-fighting abilities.


Tea tree is another popular product in the industry thanks to its endless list of benefits. You probably know it from its distinct smell and tingly sensation. However, this essential oil is also killer at helping fight razor burn and improving your complexion.


Odds are you’re already familiar with the fragrance of bergamot even if you don’t know it. The strange-looking little citrus fruit is what gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor. Imagine if a lime and an avocado had a baby. That ugly little child is a bergamot. While it’s not much to look at, it gives our Aftershave Cloths their signature citrusy, spicy top notes. Because your skin is our top priority, we use a special formula that is free of bergapten, a naturally occurring compound that can cause increased sensitivity to sunlight.   


Yup, the same stuff the koala bears eat. We love this natural essential oil from the Blue Gum variety of the eucalyptus tree for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits, and also for its unmistakably invigorating scent.  


Sagebrush is a native North American plant that grows across the Rocky Mountains region. The plant’s medicinal and restorative qualities have been used for centuries by Native Americans -- the most notable being smudging. While we can’t promise our Aftershave Cloths will ward off bad juju, we CAN guarantee they’ll give your skin an essential boost while leaving it clean, refreshed and free of razor burn.

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Free US Shipping on orders 50+