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August 07, 2019

How to Wear Stubble Properly

How to Wear Stubble Properly
What tools to use to maintain stubble and how to trim the neck to avoid looking like a vagrant.
Image of a model with stubble

When it comes to sporting a new look, people often say “confidence is key.” I say, “easier said than done.” Especially when it comes to trying out a new look that involves your face, it’s bound to be a little intimidating. In this post, we guide you through the ins-and-outs of properly rocking the unshaven look. Enjoy. 

Getting started

Before you do anything, make sure you can actually grow a fairly even beard with a length of one centimeter or more. If you only see growth in the mustache and/or neck region, we have some bad news. The eleven o'clock shadow isn’t going to be your look. If that’s the case, shave daily, and make the super-sharp and clean-shaven look all your own. We have some advice on how to best do that here. 

Still reading? Congratulations! This must mean you’ve been gifted with ample facial hair to make the unshaven look your own.  

Clippers: The right tool for the job

If your goal is to keep your stubble a consistent look, clippers are a must. Otherwise, you’re just cycling through the stages of growing a beard, which likely just makes you look non-commital. 

If you are new to trimmers, the Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer is a solid option. This rechargeable grooming tool has multiple trimmer blades, detachable combs, shavers, and detailers in the bundle. Plus, the lithium battery makes it far less likely to discover your trimmer is completely dead in your moment of need. 

Shaping Perfection

Trust your natural growth and the natural lines that are formed as your guides. For the neck region, lift your head slightly and find the point, typically just above your Adam’s apple, where your beard line concludes. Trim the hair on your neck off, beginning in the middle and work your way to the sides, utilizing vertical strokes from the bottom of your beard line and down your neck.

Just like in a haircut, when your barber asks the fateful question, “do you want the back of your neck squared or rounded?”. There are also two options for your facial line; straight or rounded. Envision a path from the base of your sideburns to the edge of your mouth/mustache. You can either follow the structure of your cheekbones and trim the area beneath downward forming a curved shape, or you can go with a straight line. We suggest following the appearance of your natural hair growth and facial structure. Regardless, clean up the small area below your mouth.

Next, attach a comb and change length settings to between one and three millimeters, depending on your current length and your desired length. Just remember that you can always take off more, so be cautious. Trim vertically, this time using upward strokes from the bottom of your beard line. Be aware of shaving evenly and trusting your natural lines and growth in the process.

You still need to shave: 

We’ll be the first to concede that there’s some irony in continuing to shave when sporting the “unshaven” look, but an unshaven neck is never a good look, and keeping it clean is key to pulling off stubble well. And if you really want a clean shave, you need to use a razor. 

If you thought you were done spending money after the purchase of your trimmer, sorry, you were wrong. This is an opportunity to sculpt the new you, so take the time to do your research on your future razor, or just trust us. The main trick here is to follow the same shave routine that you would carry out for your face. If you appreciate the geniuses that we are, you may want to check out our 7 steps for a better shave, rather than how you have been operating.


Keep your beard well-groomed and regularly trim or shave. Everyone grows their beards at differing rates, but your neckline should be cleaned up more often than stubble or a beard. Trim every couple of days, and make sure to keep your lines clean. 

Post-shave, do not use just any face moisturizer. Preserve and hydrate your skin with our Formula 5 Oil. Doctors also suggest that you apply products containing SPF to defend your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, regardless of the time of year. 

Keeping the skin and stubble on your face clean is key. A Face Wash can deep clean your skin, but also to soften your facial hair, making it easier for shaving, and a little less prickly in general.

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