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June 11, 2018

The Dads of Fulton & Roark

At Fulton & Roark, we spend a lot of time thinking about men's grooming. Of course, when your company's objective is to make the very best products for men, it's only natural.

However, all that time spent contemplating men's grooming eventually leads to far more philosophical questions. How do you define a man anyhow? And, what makes a good man? 

Lucky for us, lots of the Fulton & Roark team grew up with great dads to help us learn by example the answer to the question, "What makes a good man?" As we approach Father's Day, we thought it seemed like a good time to highlight our dads, the guys who helped teach us what a good (and handsome) man looks like: 


Alan, our Sales Manager, on his dad, John:

Image of Alan's dad

What makes him great: "He's always level-headed, with great big-picture advice in tough moments." 

His favorite F&R product: "He's a 'YUGE' fan of the Bar Soap."

Most-repeated fatherly advice: "Stop staring at the open fridge. We're paying for that." 


Stephanie, our Customer Engagement Manager, on her dad, Junio:

What makes him great: "If you are having a bad day, he’ll find a way to turn it around."

His favorite F&R product: The Shave Cream

Most-repeated fatherly advice: "Work hard; stay humble." 


Gracie, our Media Intern, on her dad, John:

Gracie's dad


What makes him great: "He's always excited to do things with me, whether it’s shotgunning a beer or snaking a drain." 

His favorite F&R product: "He loves loves loves the Bar Soap.

Most-repeated fatherly advice: “Don’t tell them you brought money because they’ll start making you pay for things.”


Allen, our Cofounder, on his dad, Scott:

Allen's dad, Scott

What makes him great: "He's a caring grandfather who spoils his grandchildren."

His favorite F&R product: He's all about the Shave Cream.

Most-repeated fatherly advice: "Don't a buy trampoline. If you do, you'll lose your umbrella insurance."


Kevin, our Cofounder, on his dad, Keith: 

Kevin's Dad Keith

What makes him great: Perhaps the most optimistic person alive, he's always looking to do something kind for someone else.

His favorite F&R product: The solid colognes. Hatteras in Fall and Winter, Tybee for the Spring and Summer. 

Most-repeated fatherly advice: "Spend the money and buy yourself good tools. Having the right tool for the job is almost always worth the extra money." 

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