December 12, 2018

How To Apply Solid Cologne

When designing our  Solid Cologne, we put an emphasis on making every facet of its design a pleasure to use. However, using it properly may not be self-evident

Whether you’re new to our solid colognes, or even if you’re an old pro who just wants a little reassurance, here is our comprehensive guide to using solid cologne.

Step 1: Place the square in your hand

fulton and roark solid cologne















You probably could have figured out this step on your own, but we promised we would make this easy! It doesn’t matter which hand, but place your index and middle fingers on the bottom and your thumb on top.

Step 2: Swivel open to reveal the fragrance.

how to apply solid cologne Fulton and roark

This is another no-brainer. While we like the elegance of the swivel top, it may also be confusing for first-time users. Open your square using your thumb — again doesn’t matter which — to turn the lid clockwise. The lid will click open at the top of the square perfect for optimal cologne use.

Step 3: Swipe, Don’t Dig

fulton and roark solid cologne how to

Whether you are a Perpetua or a Shackleford type of guy, the same applies to all our fragrances — less is more. All you need to do is take a finger or two and swipe gently across the surface of the wax a few times. No need to dig in and take out a hunk of wax. If you decide you want to bump up the fragrance, just take a few more swipes.   

Step 4: Apply to your pulse points:

fulton and roark solid cologne how to apply

Now that you a bit of product on your fingers, all there’s left to do is to apply it. We are frequently asked though, “Where do I wear my Solid Cologne.” We have found it works best when applied to your pulse points, like the wrists and neck. The warmth of your body in those spots will help the subtle scent diffuse throughout the day for a long-lasting wear.

Step 5: Close the deal

fulton and roark solid cologne how to apply

All that’s left to do is to complete the circle. Use your thumb once again to slide the lid clockwise until it clicks close in its original spot. This will protect it from damage and drying out.

Step 6: Re-up as needed

fulton and roark solid cologne how to

One of the best things about a pocket-friendly fragrance is that unlike a bottle of spray cologne, you can keep it on you. That means there’s no reason to over-apply because you can easily re-apply whenever you