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May 27, 2020

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How to shave your quarantine beard

Image of man with shave cream in his beard

We get it. If ever there was a perfect time to try out a beard, it was during the nationwide shutdown this year. But as states begin to reopen and many of us begin planning on our return to the office, it may be time for the beard to go. Don't get me wrong. If you like your new look, by all means, keep it! 

But, if your best beard attempt didn't yield the result you were hoping for, there's no shame in letting it go. Just make sure you do it the right way. Follow these easy steps to transition back into the land of the clean-shaven as smoothly as possible. 

1. Plan ahead: Just like you're better getting a haircut several days before a day you really want to look your best, give yourself a few days between shaving your beard and your next big meeting, important date, etc. Depending on your complexion, how long you've had your beard, and how much sunlight you've been getting, the skin under your beard may be a shade lighter than the rest of your face. So, give your mug a couple of days to catch up before you show off your clean-shaven look. 

2. Get a clean start: Begin by washing your beard and the skin underneath with a gentle facial cleanser. Once you feel nice and clean, be sure to thoroughly towel dry your beard before moving forward. 

3. Trim it down: It took you weeks to grow out your beard. There's no need to rush getting rid of it. Start with clippers or a beard trimmer to trim down the hairs as short as possible. Depending on the length of your beard, it's likely a good idea to use a two-step approach with the clippers, first removing the majority of the bulk, before following with a second pass to bring your whiskers to a  short "five o'clock shadow" length. Please note that this is your best opportunity to try out the absurd facial hairstyles that you have undoubtedly already been texted by other buddies, either during the quarantine or perhaps during your college days. While they won't be quite as bold as they would be if you got a razor involved, the photos will be sufficiently amusing for you and those you choose to entertain with your best...whatever this is. 

4. Wash again: We promise we're not out to get you to use as much face wash as possible. The second washing will get rid of all the stray hair clippings left around your face from the trimmer work. Our Face Wash will also soften the skin on your face, making it more pliable, and less likely to suffer irritation or nicks from shaving. If you're hoping to just wear the rugged stubble look, congratulations, you're done! Remember that using our Face Wash on your stubble will keep the hair softer, and less "scratchy" against your skin. 

5. Lather up: Your skin will likely feel more sensitive after not having been shaved in a while, so this is no time to just grab your razor and get moving without shave cream. If you happen to have a shave brush, it's a great time to use it. Brushes help lift hair away from your skin, and help to put a layer of shave cream between your hair and skin. 

6. Make it official: Time to shave! Since your skin is likely to be more sensitive than usual, take it easy on your self, and don't attempt to set any world records for the all-time closest shave. Shave with the grain (in the same direction that your hair grows. You may still feel a little stubble when you're through, but your skin will thank you for it.

7. Finish strong: After shaving, wipe down with one of our Aftershave Cloths, the cooling formula will make your face feel clean and fresh,. Plus, the toning formula will remove any leftover product or dirt and oil from your formerly-bearded face.

8. Protect your skin: As we hope you always do, protect your face an SPF. It will nourish your skin and help reduce redness. Plus, SPF helps prevent premature aging, which means you won't want to cover up that handsome face of yours again any time soon. 

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