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October 19, 2020

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Kiawah Formula 5 Oil

Introducing the Beard Oil that is so much more than a beard oil

Best Oil around

One of the great paradoxes of men’s grooming lies in taking care of your beard. If you do a great job grooming it, no one will notice your work. That’s why we created Formula 5 Oil to make all of your beard grooming efforts look, well…effortless.

For us, that meant creating a beard oil that somehow wasn’t “oily.” It needed to protect your beard and the skin underneath without feeling greasy and heavy. And we also wanted a product that offered your beard a healthy appearance without looking wet or shiny. And because we’re F&R, we had to make it smell amazing too.

Our blend of natural oils, plant extracts and high-performance ingredients moisturizes and smooths each hair down to the follicle while helping to soothe your face underneath. The result is a softer, itch-free, and more manageable beard with no greasiness or extra weight.

Made with clean ingredients, this a product you can feel good about having on your face, with no phthalates, sulfates, or harsh preservatives.And, like all Fulton & Roark products, it smells fantastic.

With notes of Sandalwood and subtle spice, stone fruit and an intoxicating amber finish, Formula 5 creates an effect that is as rugged-meets-sophisticated as the man wearing it. Formula 5 is fantastic complement to the rest of your grooming routine.

So, what’s with the name? We’re glad you asked. Our Beard Oil is great for more than just your beard. In fact, it is also a fantastic pre-shave oil, a scalp moisturizer, a low-hold hair styling product and dry skin treatment. Count them up, and you have a formula with five great uses. That’s how our product got its name. 

1/ Beard      2/ Shave      3/ Body      4/ Scalp      5/ Hair


The Other Four Uses: 

Pre-shave Oil: If you have sensitive skin, a good oil can make shaving all the easier by softening both your skin and your scruff. Additionally, the oil provides even more lubrication for your razor than using shave cream alone. The result is a smoother shave with less irritation.  Formula 5 spreads on evenly, smells great, and leaves your face feeling healthy and hydrated post-shave.

Scalp moisturizer: As a culture, we often tend to clean ourselves more than is good for us. The result is often (among other things) a dry, itchy scalp resulting from removing too much of the natural oil from the surface of your skin. Our Formula 5 Oil helps replenish your healthy oils and protect against cold and dry weather that can also lead to scalp irritation. Because of its unique formula, it nourishes and soothes your scalp without leaving you with a greasy look.

Dry Skin Treatment: When your skin is seriously dry, put down the lotion, which is formulated for keeping healthy skin moisturized, and reach for something stronger. Formula 5 penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, helping to lock in moisture and keep other not-so-good elements out, such a dirt and pollution. Remember, just a little bit goes a long way, so start with a pea-sized amount of oil to help soothe and restore any problem dry spots.

Lightweight Hair Styling: Looking for a natural look? A few drops of Formula 5 spread evenly through towel-dry hair will knock out fly-aways and help give your hair some direction without the heavy hold that comes with most products.  Whether you have a crewcut, a massive mane or something in between, odds are your hair could benefit from a few drops of Formula 5. If you typically use a product with high hold but want a more natural look, consider starting with a few drops of Formula 5, allowing your hair to dry a bit and then finishing with half of whatever styling product you would normally use.  If you normally skip product altogether, see what a difference a few drops of Formula 5 can do to improve your look.



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Free US Shipping on orders 50+