June 12, 2015

Fulton & Roark Feels The Love From SNEAKHYPE

F&R's solid colognes were recently featured onSNEAKHYPE, a men’s lifestyle blog known for providing “Your daily dose of dopeness”. Ty Sechler of Sneakhype mused that the ease of use made traditional spray cologne seem a bit old-fashioned. View full article →

May 08, 2015

F&R Shave Cream named one of the "best new grooming products" by Men's Health

We'll be honest. When we began developing our SHAVE CREAM in 2013, we knew it would be a tough sell to convince guys to try out a new product. There are hundreds of shaving creams on the market already. We believed that we could make a better product by ignoring all of the products already on the market, and pretending we were inventing shave cream for the first time.

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December 07, 2014

Fast Company's Recommender Highlights Fulton & Roark

When we heard we were being featured in FAST COMPANY'S DECEMBER 2014 issue, we were more than a little surprised. While we're regular readers of the magazine, we were surprised that a small men's grooming company was going to be covered by a magazine that focuses primarily on cool tech start-ups. It all made sense, however, when we opened the magazine to find our solid colognes featured in The Recommender section. A founder of the renowned custom men's clothing company, ALTON LANE, Peyton Jenkins selected Fulton & Roark's solid colognes as his pick. Jenkins said:


We were very happy to read his kind words, and we hope you agree.

You can read the full December Recommender list HERE, or shop for some cologne of your own, HERE.

October 21, 2014

Fulton & Roark is a GQ Australia Pick

A few months ago, we were delighted to be FEATURED IN THE PAGES OF GQ here in the United States.  When we got word from GQ AUSTRALIA that they wanted to include our solid colognes in their November 2014 issue, our reaction was equal parts excitement and concern. While we were excited to introduce ourselves to the gentlemen of Australia, we realized that we were not available for sale anywhere in the country. Luckily, our new friends at GQ introduced us to the good folks at PUREMAN, who nowCARRY ALL THREE FRAGRANCES OF FULTON & ROARK IN-STORE AND ONLINE.

Australia, it's wonderful to meet you.


October 03, 2013


The thing we admire most about SHAIA'S, a Birmingham-based men's store, is its distinct ability to showcase its strong roots while simultaneously being cutting edge and completely on trend. Four generations ago, Shaia's began as a dry goods store and over the years, it evolved into men's clothing store. View full article →

August 01, 2013


When our team at Fulton & Roark was designing our solid cologne, we spent a great deal of time thinking about what we call “the pre-plastic era,” and we found a great deal of inspiration in doing so. Sometime after the Second World War, man’s ability to make just about anything cheaply and easily with plastics led to many objects that at one time were prized possessions—to be seen by many as disposable. The era of Zippos, and well-made clothing gave way to the age of disposable plastic lighters and cheap  polyester suits intended to last only a season or two.


Retail changed during that same time too. General stores were replaced by supermarkets, which eventually led to giant big box stores. Sure, shoppers had more choices on the shelves at the  "Mega Marts", but wide selection isn't always as good as it seems. During an era when the performance of a man's tools was often critical to his survival, variety was far less important than quality, and inclusion in a good store  was often a mark of quality in itself.

Mast General Store opened in 1883 in Valle Crucis, North Carolina and since then, it has been a perfect example of what a good general store should be. As times of changed, so have its offerings. You're not going to find a good two-furrow plow at Mast anymore, but if you're looking for trustworthy outdoor gear, durable clothing or handcrafted furniture, Mast is just the place. And in the past couple decades, they've grown from their original store in Valle Crucis to eight stores throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Mast General Store's reputation for doing good business has resulted in a 130 year run, and it has earned them a spot in the National Register of Historic Places. For their long and proud reputation of  "quality goods, fair prices, and  old fashioned friendly service," we are proud to call Mast General Store a retail partner.

July 13, 2013


282 East 4th StreetWinston-Salem, NC 336.917.9446

Not surprisingly, men’s stores have personalities as distinct and varied as men themselves. Some seem reminiscent of a good businessman – quiet but smart and professional, with everything perfectly in place. Others seem like a jerk bartender – more a monument to all things cool than an actual store. The type of place where you get the sense you’ll be asked to rattle off the indie bands you’re into before being allowed to try on a pair of pants.

But then there are men’s stores like Centennial Trading Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Run by Johnny Smrdel and Erik Stephens, this store – appropriately – wears its passion on its shirtsleeve. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just want a great pair of well-made jeans that you won’t have to replace for years, Erik and Johnny are always ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for – and their enthusiasm is contagious. Ask them where a shirt is made, how the stitching on one pair of jeans compares to another, or what type of metal a hair comb is made of and they can both answer your questions and – more importantly – explain why it matters. Of course, if you just want to pop in to see what’s going on in their 4th Street neighborhood, they’ll be happy to fill you in on that, too.

Centennial’s passion for its customers, its merchandise, and its community is what makes Fulton & Roark so excited to call them a retail partner.


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